Workshops and Professional Development

Hi everyone,

The past Monday July 31st, 2023, our first Academic day took place at CERVO.

This was the program for the day:


9h00-9h50: Mental Health by RÉAGIR with Amélie Poulin-Brière and Aurélie Lacouture

10h00-10h50: Early career transition with Prs. Caroline Ménard and Gabriel Bossé

11h00-11h50: Collaborative Science with Ophélie Martinie

12h00-13h20: free lunch for attendees


13h30-14h50: Coding introduction (R/Python) with Alina Marymonchyk and André Moreira Pessoni

15h00-15h50: Biostatistics with Arturo Marroquin Rivera and José Luis Solano

16h00-16h50: Artificial Intelligence with Anthony Bilodeau and Catherine Bouchard

To find some of the pictures of this event: CLICK HERE