We are excited to announce our newest initiative @ CERVOLET: Equiversity
Equiversity is meant to promote diversity and support gender equity in science and academia.

Within CERVOLET, we are proud to have members from all over the world. Within CERVO Brain Research Center difference thrives and that’s extremely beneficial for science! Researchers working in diverse groups have been shown to think differently, create new ideas and produce innovative and ground-breaking publications. Furthermore, greater ethnic diversity generates articles with a higher impact in the scientific literature!
If this diversity is coupled with an equally respected strong female presence within a research group, then the productivity and the innovation augments even further. Our association and center has a very gender equal population, and we want to make sure that everyone has the same opportunities.

Join us

We wish to promote and show to the scientific and public community how this is beneficial for us, academia and our society in general.
Join us in our effort and support our endeavor to promote Equiversity in science. In the end, difference is all we have in common!
On this page you can follow our efforts in promoting this lifestyle, as well as articles that support its importance!

Interactive Map

Add to our Equiversity!

CERVO students, staff and faculty, enter your location of origin in the interactive, native language map below! Drag and drop the marker to where you are from, then hit SUBMIT. Pending approval, we will update the Equiversity map with your entry!

NB: This map is still in DEV, does not function properly yet. If you'd like to make a submission, please message us using the facebook widget on the CERVOLET homepage.

The fine print: We take your privacy seriously. The map has limited maximum zoom level. Location information is anonymous and will not be used for any purpose, other than updating this map. If you have any objection to this, a submission is not required.